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Maryland’s premier designer & builder of custom homes,
renovations, additions, and energy efficiency
improvements since 1979.

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Downtown Living

North Pointe Frederick

Open March 17 / 18 from 11-6 at 26 W. 7th Street

The houses we build represent green, sustainable living, with energy efficiency in mind. Your home comes with best-in-class insulation, energy efficient windows, and HVAC, and are ready for a roof-top solar array for even lower energy costs.

Buy a new, green home in downtown Frederick, MD and shops, restaurants, and entertainment, including music and events in Baker Park and along Carroll Creek, are just a short walk or bike ride away.

Down Payment Assistance

Receive down payment assistance up to $182,850 on Lots 2-3 and up to $150,000 on Lot 68 under the Federal Hope VI Program. Household Size / Income limitations below:

  • 1 person: $52,550
  • 2 people: $60,050
  • 3 people: $67,550
  • 4 people: $75,050
  • 5 people: $81,100
  • 6 people: $87,100

For additional details and qualifying information, contact: Charles Jenkins 301-514-7811 Angie Liddiard Housing Authority for City of Frederick