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Technology for Efficiency and Comfort

Green Building: An Integrated Approach to Energy-Efficiency

Lancaster Craftsmen Builders has responded to the problems of energy consumption and environmental footprint. We are committed to building homes that minimize our impact on the environment while still maximizing your lifestyle and comfort.

We have embraced many of the latest innovations in Green technology, such as geothermal heating, high-value insulation, and keeping all mechanical systems within the envelope of the home. The difference is remarkable. Many of our clients pay utility bills that are lower than residents of smaller, less efficient homes. This not only gives you financial relief, but adds to the long-term value of your home.

A Totally Integrated Electrical Package

It’s no coincidence that many of the innovative concepts responsible for lowering the environmental impact of our homes can actually improve your daily life. Perhaps the biggest innovation is a total integrated electrical package.

Using computer technology with advanced sensors, thermostats, and motion detection systems, our homes provide you with unparalleled control over your environment, and can even transparently adapt to your lifestyle.

For example...

  • Zone climate controls let you vary the amount of heating or cooling to different rooms. For example, you can heat the bedroom to 76 degrees while only heating the living room to 68 degrees. This eliminates those familiar “thermostat arguments” and has ecological benefits by reducing climate-related energy consumption in areas where it isn’t needed.
  • Computer-controlled lighting aided by sophisticated timers, scene controllers and motion detectors provides ease and convenience in lighting your home. By controlling the illumination level through various lighting scenes in different rooms that can be stored and recalled, your home can "play back" preset lighting patterns - even when you leave for vacation.
  • Intelligent security systems not only protect your home, but can provide you with more detailed awareness of who comes and goes by giving everyone their own unique passcode. Web cams enable you to monitor your home when you’re away.

All of these innovations are unique to Lancaster Craftsmen Builders custom homes, and can significantly improve life in your home.