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Maryland’s premier designer & builder of custom homes,
renovations, additions, and energy efficiency
improvements since 1979.

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Exacting, Trustworthy Construction

Lancaster Craftsmen Builders uses only the most sound construction techniques and top quality products to ensure you'll be satisfied with your home for years to come. We're proud of our loyal employees who have been with us for many years and share our aspirations for excellence.

Beyond custom home design, we are a construction management company. This means we have long-lasting relationships with a stable, reliable team of companies and subcontractors. It is a sign of our quality that these companies stay with us through the years - we don’t simply hand out work to the lowest bidder, but know exactly who we’re working with.

We have an open-door policy so clients, employees and subcontractors can always bring us their questions, suggestions and concerns. Because there is no middleman sales staff, we personally return your phone calls and answer your questions. As the homeowner, you are welcome to visit your home as it's being built.